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A liberal education may be had at a very slight cost of time and money.Well filled though the day may be with appointed tasks, to make the best possible use of your talents, rest not satisfied with your professional training, but try to get the education, if not of a scholar, at least that of a gentleman.Before going to sleep read for half an hour and in the morning have a book open on your dressing table.You will be surprised to find out how much can be accomplished in the course of a year.I've put down a list of ten books with which you may make close friends. There are many others;studied carefully in your student days, these will help in the inner education of which I speak.

I.Old and New Testament



IV.Plutarch's Lives

V.Marcus Aurelius


VII. Religio Medici

VIII. Don Quixote

IX. Emerson

X. Oliver Wendell Holmes Breakfast-Table Series.

Osler, Aequanimitas

This is Osler’s reading list.It is probably too heavy for most of us.Would you like to put your list here?