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                                                      The Osler Society of Greater Kansas City

                                                                         Founding Charter

                                                                                                               Revised August 11, 2014


Whereas:  Sir William Osler (1849-1919) led an exemplary life, was a great physician who cared enormously for his patients, was the father of modern medical  education, and took great pride in the accomplishments of his students, and

Whereas:  There is currently no organization in Greater Kansas City dedicated to the honoring of Sir William Osler, and

Whereas:  Such an organization would be of great value to the medical students of the greater Kansas City area, and could contribute to the development of these students,

Be it Proposed That:

I     A student organization called, “The Osler Society of Greater Kansas City”,   (OSGKC) be founded.  This organization will conform to the rules and regulations which govern other university student organizations.

II   OSGKC be encouraged, supported, and advised by faculty from KUMC, UMKC and the John Locke Society of Greater Kansas City. Such participation would be voluntary and without pay.

III The purposes of this organization would be: 

A.                To provide a forum where students and physicians could meet for fellowship, to discuss topics of mutual interest, and to encourage a mentoring environment between students and physicians. 

B.                To honor and advance the ideals exemplified by the life of Sir William Osler.


1.      Membership:

A.     The founding members would be the student members who have worked with the John Locke Society of Greater Kansas City over the past two years who would be grandfathered in if they so wish and physician members of the KUMC and UMKC Faculties, and  the John Locke Society who are interested.

B.     Student Membership:
1.  Active Student Membership:
      All medical students at KUMC,  years M1 through M4, and all medical students at UMKC, years 3 through 6 are eligible for membership.  Application for membership consists of submitting the membership form found on the Osler Society website:   See Addendum # 1
     Active Student Members will be listed on the website.  They will be placed on E-Mail lists to receive announcements and the monthly newsletter.  They will be invited to the Society’s events including:
     a. Semi-annual Seminars at KUMC and UMKC.
     b. Meals with Mentors program.
     c. Other programs which may be held from time to time.
     d. Members may note Osler Society membership on their resume.
     e. Membership will be on a voluntary basis.  There will be no fees or            
2.  Hospice Class:
      Active Student Members will also be eligible for the Hospice Class, which is a special program of the Osler Society.  The Class will be limited to eight students each year from KUMC and UMKC.  These sixteen students will be invited to make rounds at the KC Hospice House with physicians on specified dates.  Students will be allowed to visit and interview patients under the supervision of physicians.
     The number of students in this program must be limited at this time because there is a limit to the number of people that can be allowed to enter the room of a seriously ill or dying patient.  It is hoped that in the near future, all students will be able to participate in this unique and valuable program.
     Selection of students for the Hospice Class will be the prerogative of the respective schools.  See Addendum #2 and Addendum #3. 
3.  Student Alumni Membership:
     Students who have graduated from Medical School will be added to the Student Alumni Membership and will receive the monthly newsletter.

C.     Physician Membership:
All physicians who are faculty members of KUMC or UMKC, or who are members of the John Locke Society of Kansas City, are eligible for membership and may participate in the activities of the Osler Society.  Membership will be on a voluntary basis and there will be no fees or dues.

D.    Management:
The Osler Society will be managed by an Advisory Committee which will consist of three or more members or the KUMC Faculty, one of which will be the Faculty Advisor, three or more members of the UMKC Faculty,  one of which will be the Faculty Advisor,  three or more members of the John Locke Society, and one representative from each student body.   The committee will select its chairperson.  The committee will meet on call of the chairperson.

            E .     Funding:
               This will be accomplished by voluntary contributions to tax deductible funds available at KU Endowment and



           Addendum #1: Student Membership Application Form


                                                             Osler Society Membership Form



Phone Numbers:________________________________________________________________________________________________

E-Mail Addresses:____________________________________________________________________________________________

Place of Birth:_________________________________________________________________________________________________

Medical School and Class Year_________________________________________________________________­






Please return the completed form to the E-Mail address listed below


            Sherman M. Steinzeig, MD

            6620 W. 93rd St, Apt A, Overland Park, KS 66212


           Phone:   913 649-0355
           Fax:        913 649-7550


Submitted: October 31, 2009 by Sherman M. Steinzeig, MD on behalf of:

The Osler Society of Greater Kansas City Working Group

      Alice Arredondo, UMKC,
     Giulia Bonaminio, KUMC,
      Heidi Chumley, MD, KUMC,
      Betty Drees, MD, UMKC,
      Alan Forker, MD, John Locke,
      Mark Meyer, MD, KUMC,
Donald A. Potts, MD, UMKC,
      Valerie Poulson, KUMC,

      Marjorie Sirridge, MD, John Locke,
      Sherman M. Steinzeig, MD, John Locke,


Ratified: Feb. 26, 2010,  by unanimous vote.  


Revised version submitted September 9, 2014, by Sherman M. Steinzeig, MD on behalf of the Osler Society Advisory Committee.

Jerald A Burton, MD, UMKC, John Locke Society
Michael Kennedy, MD, KUMC
Mark C. Myer, MD, KUMC Faculty Advisor
Stuart Munro, MD, UMKC, John Locke Society
Don A. Potts, MD, UMKC Faculty Advisor, John Locke Society
Sherman M. Steinzeig, MD, KUMC, John Locke Society
Valerie Paulson, KUMC Staff
Britt Filkins, UMKC Staff
Christina Munford, Student KUMC, Active Member of the Osler Society



Revised version ratified September 9, 2014,  by unanimous vote.