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The Osler Society Blog
1) To open and read the blog, use the URL: To make it easier, remember that this stands for The Osler Society of Greater Kansas City. You may use either upper or lower case. While you are at the home page of the blog, right click and fine "Shortcut" about half way down. Left click on it and it will put an icon on your desktop.
2) To post a comment or reply to a posting, click on "Comments". There will be one after every topic. This will bring on a dialog box which has a place for you to type your comment. It will then ask you to sign in with your Google account name and password. If you don't already have one, it gives you the option to register for one. I use my E-Mail address and password. If you use something else, be sure to write it down. It will also give you the option to use an arbitrary name display for your comment. You could use your name, your E-Mail, or whatever you wish. When you have done this, your comment will be displayed in the comments box after the topic on which you commented. Click on "comments" to see this.
3) To post a topic, you must close the blog. Type in URL: or click here. This will take you to the Blog website. Look for the sign-in box in the upper right corner. The user name is the E-Mail for the Osler Society which is . The password is: Sirwilliam1. Please enter it exactly as shown. When you have signed in, you will see a screen called Dashboard. Click on New Post. This will bring up a screen which has a box for you to type the name of your topic, and the content of your topic. There are also other editing features. When you have finished your posting to your satisfaction, click on the "Publish Post" button which is just below the box to the left. Your topic will be posted to the the Blog.
Close the website. You are done.